Monday 14 December

A new family member: Our son

baby room.jpgIt's a long time since our last contact, my last post. Through this time period many things happened. I'm not going to tell you all this but just the main one. The birth of my son,

Since 22nd Oct, a new member's come to our family. The feeling is unique, especially when i first time kept my little boy in my arms. Thanks to God, everything was fine, mum and son are ok.

Now, we all enjoy this time. Having our baby in home, feeding him with milk. His daily programme is milk, sleep and again the same. For Eleni, is more difficult, through she stays with him all day, compared to me who half of the day going out, to work. My job, seems as a break, but can't wait the time going back to home and seeing both of them Mo and son, Keeping him and talking all the time. By the way, i've noticed he likes listening to the music, especially classic-relaxed music. That's good for me. A good chance to revise my classical music hearings.

Last week, we decorated our home due to Christmas';s, and got a new Christmas';s tree. Our baby put the star on it. He is the future and deserves all the best.

For the time being, we all enjoy the coming of bambino and i can say, it's the best period of my life.


Monday 31 August

Yearly blog anniversary

Anniversary Balloons.jpgIt was 4 years ago, i started blogging. Since then , many posts had been written, many photos had been uploaded and many comments had been posted.

I want to thank you all my good friends, reading this blog and get in touch with me via this mean.

Footsteps is a part of my life and trying to make it even stronger. Day by day, year by year it grows up and after four years i can say i'm quite happy with this.

Wishes to footsteps...

Monday 10 August

All going well

ςελλ.jpgMid of Augoust and still being in Athens. It's the first summer i won't go for a long period vacations and prefered short weekends break instead.

The reason of this summer choice is known to friendly persons and i'd say i choose the safety instead of a risky trip by a boat into a greek island. It's ok. Almost every weekend i was visiting Kourouta beach and enjoyed sea, sand and sun alot.

The most importand now is not summer our holidays but Eleni's calmness and relaxation.

The best are coming and shall be ready.

Wednesday 8 July

Relaxing while cooking

gavros_small_04.jpgOne of the things i like doing is cooking, trying new recipes or even the old ones, based on mum's teaching lessons. But some times the distance between "want to do" and "i did it" is huge. So although i like being the home cook, i don't do it so often (eleni is the master at this field).

During summer, i like light foods, specialy those based on fish. Any kind of fish, Small fish, big fish for me are same. Just perfect. Especially, fresh fishes,are the best (and always acompanied by white wine-that's could be the content of another post).I have to say that i like most small fishes(gauros, sardela) cooked on any way: fried, oven with fresh tomato or with olive oil and origano, or even grilled. Depents on mood and time. Of course these dishes are easy made and that's another reason i can cook.

Another food i like mostrly eating and less cooking , are meatballs (keftedakia).  I can eat a duzin of these...mmm many more i think. They're fantastic, fabulous, magnificiant, extremely delicious,...a greek gourmet!!!

Better stop now, i 'm hungry and unfortunatelly, due July's moon , there are no any fish. But plenty of meat....for meatballs. Realaxing me...relaxing my stomach.

Thursday 14 May

Karagkiozis with Spatharis

spatharis.jpgWhen i was a child, i was favourite to Karagkiozis. Remember myself, listening to small 45's vinyl discs Karagkiozi's plays. Such as " Karagkiozis baker|", 'Karagkiozis teacher" and more. Some years later, greek national t.v channel was playing Karagkiozis, almost on a daily basis.

Spatharis, as we all know well, was the reformer of "Shadow theater". He did too many and that's why was loved by all greeks. One of the most lovely persons ever. Unfortunatelly, since last Sunday he is not with us. But we all believe that his work, is alive. The best is, that all children love Kragkiozi.

it's our national, in some way, cartoon. Karagkiozis represents all of us and Eugenios Spatharis was the spirit.

.........."Kαι νηστικοί θα κοιμηθούμε...".

Wednesday 18 February

Trips around Europe

strasbourg.jpgI'm back. It's along time since my last post and i'm not proud of this. I have to apologise and bytheway i'd like to inform you, that this period i use Facebook more that blogs. Maybe it's just a fashion, but i'd like to recommend you to check my facebook profile if you're interested in up to date personal news.

During this period, many things happened and also many trips done. Visited some nice European cities. Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg and Dublin.

Paris is classic, Strasbourg is small and traditional, but i'm impressed more from Brussels. Apart its the capital of European Union, Brussels 's got many nice and romantic places to visit. If you like chocolate, that's the place to go. In every corner there is a chocolaterie, which makes you play "games" with your taste.

I've had a very nice time there and maybe in the future visit it again.

Dublin's got the air of Atlantic ocean. A very beautiful city, with it's unique pubs and live music, nice "crazy" people and plenty of green areas.

Although i was in England for a couple of years, i had never visited Ireland. It was a mistake but after drinking some pints of Guinness forgiviness came.

By the way, i started skiing!!! That's should be the content of another post.

Tuesday 30 September

Mount Athos - Agion Oros

 The trip at Agion Oros is a unigue experience for every man (likely). That was my 5th visit there and the feeling was like being for a virst time. Agion Oros 2008 101.jpg

Departing from Ouranoupoli, the ferry-boat takes almost 2 hours aproach Dafni port. These 2 hours are passing so quick. There are some monasteries before Dafni which visitor see. These are Doxiariou, Xenofontos, Russian (Agios Panteleimon). The trip is really beautiful, blue-clear crystal waters and sea-birds following ferry. They look like eye-watching us.

Every time i go to Agion Oros, i visit Karakalou Monastery. This monastery is very familiar to me and monks as well. Its small but spiritual monastery.Stayed there 2 days and during these 2 days we visited the monasteries of Filotheou, Profiti Ilias and Iviron as well.  The third night we stayed at Vatopaidi which is very big and healthy monastery. It was the 2nd time i've visited Vatopaidi and i'm impressed by the number of monks (about 100) and enjoyed also the Esperinos and Leiourgia. Their voices are...just perfect.

The days i stayed at Agion Oros are full os icons, experiences and many inside-talked to my soul situations. Going there is a must for a man. Nevertheless the reason drives you to Agion Oros, at the end only positives are counted. Agion Oros doesn't change yourself, it's just a piece of a new beginning.

Tuesday 19 August

3rd birthday

HappyBirthday57.gifSuch a day, three years ago, this blog was created. It was a decision to make this blog and the main scope was to be a place for secret thoughts, a place working as an online diary, a place for opinions. In some way some of that was succeed. It was a mean writing on that quite often but since some months ago there is just a monthly post. Hope this change.

Anyway, this day i must be in a good mood. That's the day obligates.

Thanks for ivisitng this blog (even periodically) and...cheers!!!

Friday 18 July

Relax and get rest

kourouta.jpg   I need some days off my work. Dreaming of beautiful beaches, sunsets and seaside walks.

                                                                                   Soon be there...

Friday 27 June

Islands...i'm coming

simi.jpgSummer plans, vacations are coming. We're thinking about going to Kasterolizo, Simi and Chalki islands at Dodecanese. It's a trip we, me and Eleni,ve'been dreaming for a long, long time. Its time to organise this trip and being onborad very soon. Till going there, just have a look above.

I need this year vacation.


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